Epic Fail is the next feature length film from filmmaker and artist Jon Mancinetti. It is a story based off the struggles Jon has faced within his own life as an artist but with an action-comedy-comic book twist. Think, “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” meets “American Splendor.”

The story follows Marty, a failed comic book artist living in his parent’s basement. Marty is so self absorbed in his own comics that he has a hard time facing his so-called depressing life. His dream is to be discovered as a great artist so he can finally pay off his dreadful student loans. Marty develops his own superhero named “Epic Man” who is not well received and is pressured to come up with stories and characters that will be more marketable. While he struggles to develop his own voice in the art world, he is constantly trying to win back the girlfriend he chased away. Through a serious of haphazard events Marty soon finds himself stuck in a mad man’s fiendish plot to become immortal. In the end Marty must decide what is most important in his life, all while attempting to finally be recognized for his talents.

"Epic Fail" is currently in pre-production and looking for possible investors. If you are interested in getting involved in the making of the film, send an email to MancinettiPictures@gmail.com.

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